Master List of Delaware Tags

This is a listing of all known Delaware tag types. Please click on plate type to see historical information.

Passenger - Optional - Judicial - Political - Defunct - Specialty

Passenger and Miscellaneous Tags

Prefix Plate Type Photo Notes
C Commercial  
PC Pleasure/Commercial  
A Ambulance A1 = Ambulance for Station 1
A1-1 = First ambulance of Station 1
A1-2 = Second ambulance of Station 1

Click here for a list of stations and designations
CT Construction  
CY County Owned  
D Dealer  
D Motorcycle Dealer Photo courtesy of Julian M.
F Farm Tractor F tags are no longer used on tractors, but can still be seen on golf carts at UD and miscellaneous heavy duty equipment
FD Fire Department FD1 = Apparatus for Station 1
FD1-1 = First apparatus of Station 1
FD1-2 = Second apparatus of Station 1

Click here for a list of stations and designations
FT Farm Truck  
FV Farm Vehicle FV tags replaced the red-on-white FARM USE ONLY generic tags in 2014. There is a one-time $10 fee, renewable every 3 years, and a 20-mile radius driving limit from the farm.
HP Handicapped  
HPMC Handicapped Motorcycle  
LX Limousine  
MC Motorcycle  
MOPED Moped Bikes with motors less than 55cc qualify for a Moped tag
R Rescue R1 = Rescue vehicle for Station 1
R1-1 = First rescue vehicle of Station 1
R1-2 = Second rescue vehicle of Station 1

Click here for a list of stations and designations
RT Recreational Trailer (Camper)  
RV Recreational Vehicle  
S State Owned  
SR Street Rod  
T Trailer  
TV Towed Vehicle  
TX Taxi  
XC4__ Temporary (Motorcycle)  
XD Temporary (Pre-printed)  
XF Temporary (Printed on-demand) The "XF" prefix signifies it was printed at a DMV location
XP Temporary (Printed on-demand) The "XP" prefix signifies it was printed at a dealership
--- Amateur Radio  
--- Motorcycle Vanity  
--- Vanity  

Optional Tags

Lighthouse Marine (MERR)
Farmland Preservation Stop Child Abuse
Animal Welfare Centennial

Judicial Tags

My understanding is that judges can get "Judiciary" if they're unwilling to identify the court on which they serve.

Judiciary Court of Common Pleas (Photo Needed)
Justice of the Peace Court of Chancery (Photo Needed)
Family Court (Photo Needed) Superior Court
    Supreme Court

Political Tags

Governor House Minority Whip (Photo needed)
Lt. Governor House Majority Leader
Secretary of State House Majority Whip
State Representative Speaker of the House
State Senator Senate Minority Leader (Photo needed)
State Auditor Senate Minority Whip
U.S. Representative (Photo needed) Senate Majority Leader

Photo courtesy of Julian M.

U.S. Senator (Photo needed) Senate Majority Whip
House Minority Leader President Pro Tempore

Photo courtesy of Reid W.

Defunct & Booster Tags - UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Attorney General   Hearse  
Boat License   Highway Department (?)  
C-X   Insurance Commissioner  
Congress/Congressional   Miss Delaware  
Conv.   Teacher of the Year  
Exempt   Wagon License  

Specialty Tags

Prefix Plate Type Photo Notes
AKA Alpha Kappa Alpha  
AL American Legion  
APA Alpha Phi Alpha  
BC Breast Cancer Awareness  
BUF Buffalo Soldiers  
CA Caravel Academy  
CAP Civil Air Patrol  
CC Southern DE Street Rod Association  
CCC Conquer Childhood Cancer  
CHS Conrad High School  
CP Retired New Castle County Police  
CR Caesar Rodney School District Centennial  
CSC Cancer Support Community  
CU Credit Unions  
DAR Delaware Association of Realtors  
DAV Disabled American Veteran  
DAV (HP) Disabled American Veteran (HP parking)  
DHS Dover High School  
DMS DE Mobile Surf Fisherman  
DN Donate Life  
DSO Delaware Senior Olympics  
DST Delta Sigma Theta  
DSU Delaware State University  
DT Delaware Tech  
DU Ducks Unlimited  
DV Delaware Veteran  
DW Delta Waterfowl  
EC Episcopal Diocese of Delaware  
ECU East Carolina University  
ELK Elks Lodge  
ES Order of the Eastern Star  
EXMIA Missing in Action  
EXPOW Prisoner of War  
FB Delaware Farm Bureau  
FL Flyers Wives Charity Photo courtesy of Julian M.
FHS Felton High School  
FOP Fraternal Order of Police  
G Groove Phi Groove  
GBC Goldey Beacom College  
GS Gold Star Family  
HHS Harrington High School  
HV Honoring Our Veterans  
IR Indian River High School  
JHU Johns Hopkins University  
K Kappa Alpha Psi  
KC Knights of Columbus  
KP Kings Point - Merchant Marine  
KWV Korean War Veteran  
LA Ladies Auxiliary  
LC Lions Club  
LE Delaware Correctional Officer  
LEM Law Enforcement Memorial  
LM Loyal Order of Moose  
LU Lehigh University  
M Bronze Star (without Valor)  
MCL Marine Corps League  
MM Master Mason  
ND University of Notre Dame  
NG National Guard  
NHS Newark High School  
NIA Nanticoke Indian Association  
NR Paramedic  
NRA National Rifle Association  
NUR Nur Shrine Temple  
ODS Operation Desert Storm Photo courtesy of Julian M.
OEF Operation Enduring Freedom  
OES Order of the Eastern Star The OES prefix was the original issue; current issues use ES.
OIF Operation Iraqi Freedom  
OSU Ohio State University  
P Purdue University  
PBS Phi Beta Sigma  
PF Professional Firefighter  
PH Purple Heart  
PHA Prince Hall Affiliated  
PHS Pearl Harbor Survivor  
PL Choose Life  
PS Penn State  
QUE Omega Psi Phi  
RF Reserve Forces  
RM Retired Military  
SA Salesianum School  
SJ St. Joseph's University  
SOA Standardbred Owners Association  
SP Retired State Police  
SS Submarine Veteran  
TP Telephone Pioneers  
TU Temple University  
UAW United Auto Workers  
UD University of Delaware  
UM University of Michigan  
UP University of Pennsylvania  
V Valor Medals Click plate type to see all medals
VF Volunteer Firefighter  
VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars  
VT Virginia Tech  
VU Villanova University  
VV Vietnam Veteran  
W Wesley College  
WC Wilmington College Wilmington College became Wilmington University in 2007.
WFD Wilmington Fire Department  
WHH William Henry High School  
WP West Point  
WPD Wilmington Police Department  
WU Wilmington University  
WVU West Virginia University  
Z Zeta Phi Beta