The purpose of this website is simple: to photodocument live Delaware tags 1-1000, C1-C1000 and PC1-PC1000. This has never been done before and is a very ambitious goal. Submissions are always welcome, but the image must be taken for the sake of this project.

Featured Images: Happy New Year to everyone! While we look ahead to another year, we don't forget the past. These two photos were taken in the mid 1970s by Reid Williamson.

The Pics!

Total Project: 2632 of 3000 1-1000: 928 of 1000 C1-C1000: 814 of 1000 PC1-PC1000: 890 of 1000


2014 followed the trend - about half as many sightings as the previous year (starting in 2010). It was a great year overall - here's to 2015! A really big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped with the project so far - the momentum is fantastic right now!


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1/11/15: One new sighting this time (870 from an anonymous submission in Naples, FL), bringing the total to 2,632 out of 3,000 (87.73% completion).

12/20/14: Three new sightings AGAIN this time - 840 (from Cindy R), C403 (from TJ B) and C767 (from Mark L), bringing the total to 2,631 out of 3,000 (87.7% completion).

12/06/14: Three new sightings again this time - 457 (from Ricky P), PC553 (from Tom K) and PC713, bringing the total to 2,628 out of 3,000 (87.6% completion).