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This was one of the most thrilling sightings in the project. Minutes before I spotted this, I still needed to see tags 1, 2, 5, 7 and 8 to complete the single-digit number tag sightings. I was doing a tag hunt with my best friend in Janury 2009 and we stumbled upon this plate on Rehoboth Avenue. You can imagine how shocked we were to find this plate, in the middle of winter, just sitting there, waiting for us!

Delaware Tag News

  • Delaware DMV is "HAPPY"!! (link)
  • New Flyers specialty plate available (link)
  • New DMV Facility Open in Bear (link)
  • Is Your Centennial Plate Fading? You might be eligible for a *free* replacement - call DMV today at (302) 744-2500.

Recent Sales, Sightings and more...


  • 872 sold for $26,000 in October 2014
  • 58 sold for $150,000 in September 2014
  • FT15 sold for $26,000 in September 2014
  • MC65 sold for $8,000 in September 2014
  • Vanity tag "F" sold for $7,000 in May 2014


  • September 2014 was a good month, as the project added seven new sightings (all from site fans), bringing the total to 2,619 out of 3,000 (87.3% completion).