Sightings from September

This project has some pretty dedicated fans! I added seven new sightings this month, all of which came from fans. One fan in particular has gone above and beyond to capture images of plates (he is one new sighting away from 50!) and approached a gentleman about his plate. This gentleman proceeded to tell him about the history of the plate and brought him to his father's house, who has three more low-digit tags, all garaged! Who knows, they might never have been spotted...

Here's a big "Thank You" to everyone who contributes to the project!

So what's this all about? is a scavenger hunt-like project to photograph every plate number from 1-1000, C1-C1000 and PC1-PC1000. I always have my camera handy so I can take a picture when I see a new plate.

I also accept submissions from site fans! There are only two rules: (1) the plate number has to be legible and (2) the picture has to be taken for use with my project. Click here to submit a new sighting!

Why Do I Do This?

Delaware has used the same serial system for their license plates since 1910; when you see a low number on the road, that number has real history and dozens of stories behind it.

Is This Legal?

Definitely. The law states that you can take a picture of anything that has no expectation of privacy.

Delaware Tag News

  • New Flyers specialty plate available! (link)
  • New DMV Facility Open in Bear
  • Your Design Could Be Our Next ANIMAL WELFARE Plate! (Link)
  • Is Your Centennial Plate Fading? You might be eligible for a *free* replacement - call DMV today at (302) 744-2500.

Project Status

Total Project: 2619/3000
1-1000: 922/1000
C1-C1000: 810/1000
PC1-PC1000: 887/1000